PDA Playgroup has been flourishing over the past year. After significant changes been made, PDA Playgroup is now better and busier than ever before.

The Playgroup is offered to children aged between 3- 5 years and our highly experienced staff work with them before they transition into school. With a growing reserve list we have now recruited a Senior Child Development Officer and a new member of staff to help keep up with the demand of this popular service.

All Playgroup staff carry an SVQ Level 3 qualification and have been regularly attending continued professional development courses to update their skill and increase their knowledge. We are now offering staff the opportunity to undertake an SVQ Level 4 course to maximise their skills and professionalism.

Our staff follow the curriculum of excellence to deliver educational activities. We aim to give the opportunity for children to become successful, confident learners and demonstrate examples of how to be responsible citizens.

Many changes have taken place in the Playgroup such as introducing new resources for staff and children as well as arranging more educational and environmental trips to local areas in Glasgow and further afield. Introducing children to technology and gadgets such as laptops and Ipads have proven to be popular amongst children within the Playgroup.

The positive changes has led to the introduction of the a parents committee driven by PDA Playgroup staff. Staff used their drive and focus not only for children but also for the involvement of parents to help play role and build up the confidence of their children.

We have actively engaged with parents to volunteer with assisting Playgroup staff with outings, small parties and events. This will allow parents to have an insight of their child’s progress in the Playgroup and also create the opportunity to socialise with other parents.

With great teamwork and strong partnership building, PDA Playgroup has thrived over the past year. We will continue to work hard, actively engage with parents and children and aim to produce positive results for the coming years.

Following the Government guidelines we have suspended all our group activities due to COVID-19 until further notice.