Seniors Lunch Club

The Seniors Lunch Club has proved to be a popular programme for those aged 50+ years. Our weekly service is offered to both senior men and woman, and due to high demands and a significant increase in numbers of this service, we have enhanced the operating hours for this project, creating more opportunities for seniors.

We have introduced various social and recreational opportunities such as easy exercise classes and relaxation therapies, as well as access to beneficial information and advice made available in English and other languages. All our services are culturally friendly ensuring that seniors needs are met, by offering them a comfortable and relaxing environment.

The service also provides hot healthy meals for seniors followed by tea and coffee, where they will have the opportunity to socialise with other service users, creating new friendships.

With access to further funds, we were able to make positive improvements for the Seniors Lunch Club project, introducing further services that enabled seniors to improve their health and well-being, lowering their chances of becoming increasingly isolated and improve their confidence.

Working in partnership with Glasgow Life, female seniors were encouraged to participate in an Arts and Crafts project prior to the Lunch Club, creating further opportunities to enhance their learning and development skills and spending more time with other service users.

We also created opportunities for men by working in partnership with East Pollokshields Men’s Health Group led by Mr Saleem Mall, enabling men to be more confident and encouraging seniors to access further services.

This project has empowered many seniors to take responsibility of their health and wellbeing. Our staff bilingual and friendly staff will continue to support seniors to build a better quality of life and further integrate into the heart of the community.

Following the Government guidelines we have suspended all our group activities due to COVID-19 until further notice.