Woman’s Group

The Woman’s Group has now been running for four consecutive years. The number of woman attending this project has been increased steadily over the years, showing positive outcomes.

Woman who attend our services are often vulnerable and socially isolated, have the opportunity to meet other woman from diverse backgrounds. Safe spaces are created to allow woman to meet, share stories, life experiences and socially interact developing new friendships with one another, lowering the adverse affects of isolation.

We offer a wide range of services for woman including massage classes, health information advice service and continuously providing support for woman on a regular basis. Our bilingual staff work with woman, to support and encourage them to access leaning and development programmes that they would benefit from.

Through consultation, the programmes itself are planned and designed in a unique manner with support from female service users, ensuring easy access to culturally sensitive services and programmes.

Our cultural friendly services have helped many woman to build their confidence, access learning services as well as grasping new-found skills that they thought they would potentially never achieve.

We are currently planning to offer more activity based programmes for woman, building up their self-esteem, improve their personal development skills as well as their confidence. We will be working in partnership with local and prominent organisation to support us in the delivery of our future programmes, to enable more woman not only to have the opportunity to access our unique services, but to allow woman to feel a sense of achievement as they develop new learning skills.

Following the Government guidelines we have suspended all our group activities due to COVID-19 until further notice.