ILM Cambridge, BSc Computer Studies, SQA, MQI

Tahir is a Qualifications Officer at Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) and has lived in Glasgow for the past 20 years. Graduating from Glasgow Caledonian University with BSc in Computer Studies. Initially working as a Software Engineer, then moved on to Qualifications Development Department, where he is working as a Qualifications Officer and is responsible for Qualifications Development and Maintenance.

Tahir has worked tirelessly on a local and global platform with various organisations, to enable people from all walks of life to gain a voice, to be heard.

As he has progressed upwards in the SQA, he has acquired skills which enable him to deal with all types of situations, skills which are further honed through his work in the local community through to dealing with crisis control on a global scale with events as the earthquake in Kashmir and Tsunami in the Indian Ocean, just to cite a couple.
As the skills have increased, so have the responsibilities and the scope of the role Tahir plays in the SQA and other organisations. His commitment is obvious in the quality of his work output, which has been acknowledged by his promotion within SQA and Minhaj-ul-Quran International (MQI).

Tahir has been known on occasion to throw himself out of a plane if he feels passionate enough about a cause and is a key member of the board at the PDA.